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Useful Basics for Everyone
Reading on how English speaking people feel in the Czech Republic
Tips and Tricks
Practice your listening skills
How to keep your communication effective

At a Hotel
Useful vocabulary
Reception – Vocabulary and Phrases in use
Politeness training + Grammar box
Phrases for receptionists overview

At a Restaurant
First impression
Taking orders and serving the table
The bill/ check
Thanking and saying goodbye
Reserving a table
What if anything goes wrong?

The Guided Tour You Won't Forget
How to become a tour guide?
Safety and Rules

I Was Robbed!
Types of crime and types of criminals
Grammar – The passive
Emergency numbers

Dealing with Complaints
How to respond to complaints
Grammar - Focus on prepositions
Listening on responding to complaints
Possible brief responses to complaints
Visiting a Doctor
Vocabulary – parts of human body
How to talk about health problems
Listening on body parts and symptoms
How do we call medical specialists?
Grammar box

Business Communication
Business letter and email
Telephoning – basics

Marketing in Tourism
How can a leaflet look like?
Tips and Tricks for creating advertisements
Advertising – Examples
Leisure activities and how to offer them?
Listening on giving recommendations

Moving Around
Travelling by bus
Travelling by train
Travelling by taxi

Information Centres
Basic vocabulary and phrases
Tips and Tricks for making recommendations in your local tourist office
Listening on making recommendations
Practice your writing skills!

Shopping and Selling

The course has been specifically designed for people who already have a basic to intermediate level of English fluency and wish to enhance their ability and gain confidence in using English appropriately in hospitality settings.

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