Lesson 6-5

Months of the year

Exercise 5: What is the missing letter? Write

anuary – ebruary - arch
pril - ay - une
uly - ugust - eptember
ctober - ovember - ecember

Exercise 6: Which month is it? Write


Exercise 7: Write the names of the months chronologically

1) In , I can´t swim in the river.
2) I can go skiing in .
3) In , I can start picking up flowers.
4) We can wear skirts in .
5) The Mother´s day is celebrated in .
6) In , I can swim in the river.
7) I can lie on the beach and sunbathe in , it´s summer holiday!
8) I am with my granny in and prepare to go to school.
9) I have to go to school in .
10) In , it rains a lot.
11) The leaves are falling from the trees in .
12) In , it´s Christmas!

Exercise 8: What time of year is it? Write

Halloween takes place in
comes after February.
The last month of the year is
The month between August and October is
Christmas and Hannukah are celebrated in
Saint Patrick's day is in
The first month of the year is
Thanksgiving takes place in
has only 28 or 29 days.
The 6th month of the year is

In one year we have months.
is the fourth month of the year.
If this month is called November, the next month will be
If today is the 1st of August, yesterday was the 31st of
is the ninth (9.) month of the year.

Exercise 9: Write seasons of the year
(Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)

1 I can't play in the park with my friends. Everything is red and orange. There are no birds in the sky. The leaves of the trees are falling down. It's cool and wet. I've got an umbrella. It's

2 It's cold outside. I'm wearing a sweater and my hat and coat. The grass is white and the houses are white. I'm playing with my friends in the park. We have gloves and scarfs. It's

3 I'm swimming in the sea. There are lots of people on the beach. It's warm and sunny. I want to buy some ice cream. It's

4 It's warm and sunny but the wind is blowing. The flowers are everywhere. I'm flying my kite. There are lots of children in the park. It's

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