Lesson 6-4

Can - Can't

Grammar and vocabulary
I can
You can
He/She/It can

We can
You can
They can
I can´t
You can´t
He/She/It can´t

We can´t
You can´t
They can´t
Can I?
Can you?
Can he/she/it?

Can we?
Can you?
Can they?

Exercise 4: Choose

I can watch TV in the evening.
I write my homework at home.
Emily sing a song in French.
He hear very well.
We visit a museum.
I sing very well.
Oliver play video games on Tuesday.
We read a book today, we don´t have time.
They swim in the sea.
You drink that water!

Fill in Can/Can't
Can I borrow your pencil?
he come and talk to me?
they stop shouting at each other?
you help me please?
she see us?

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