Lesson 6-2

Exercise 1: Fill in the correct preposition of place

Where's Oliver? Oliver is the bedroom.
Where's the light? It's the ceiling.
Where's the poster? It's the wall.
Where's Oliver's coat? It´s the bed.
Where's the dog? It is the table.
Where's the bookshelf? It´s the table and the door.
Where's the ball? It's the window.
Where's the computer? It's the table.
Where are the books? They are the shelf.
And what's in the wardrobe? - I don't know.

Map of our town

The museum is next to the church.
The hotel is opposite the furniture shop.
The church is next to the furniture shop.
A park is in front of the hotel.
The car park is between the school and the supermarket.
The supermarket is opposite the toy shop.
The clothes shop is between the pet shop and the library.

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