Lesson 7-4

What are they doing right now?

Mum is cooking dinner.
Dad is reading a newspaper.
Emily is eating.
Oliver is drinking orange juice.
The dog is sitting.


Right now:
I´m doing
you´re doing
she´s doing
he´s doing
it´s doing

to be + ing
we´re doing
you´re doing
they´re doing
I´m not doing
you aren´t doing
she isn´t doing
he isn´t doing
it´ isn´t doing

we aren´t doing
you aren´t doing
they aren´t doing
Am I doing?
Are you doing?
Is she doing?
Is he doing?
Is it doing?

Are we doing?
Are you doing?
Are they doing?

Exercise 8: Create the correct form

Read › reading
cook ›
play ›
do ›
watch ›
brush ›

Be careful! Sit -> sitting

Exercise 9: Fill in the correct form in the brackets

Emily milk. (to drink)

Emily a snack. (to eat)

Emily the dinner. (to cook)

Emily a TV. (to watch)

Exercise 10: What are they doing right now? Write.

Emily with her doll.

Her parents TV.

Oliver a book.

Emily pizza.

Oliver exercise.

Emily in bed.

They their teeth.

Oliver cola.

We to school.

Exercise 11: What's the time and what are they doing?

7.15: It´s . Emily her teeth.

7.30: It´s . Oliver and Emily to school.

12.25: It´s . They home.

12.50: It´s . They their lunch.

13.45: It´s . Emily with her doll.

16.05: It´s . Oliver a book.

19.30: It´s . Dad TV.

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